Matthew 25 Helps Many During September 2016

We were able to assist two clients with help paying auto insurance.

Client #1 is on fixed income and had unexpected car repairs. Help was need to make sure Insurance was current as client had doctor’s appointments in preparation for future surgeries.

Client #2 had limited income and had let insurance lapse. Matthew 25 was able to help get insurance re-instated so she could take children to appointments. Father was incarcerated at time.

Matthew 25 also assisted a client again on fixed income. Client was in the hospital most of the summer. While she was recuperating in preparation to returning home, her electric was shut off.

Matthew 25 coordinated with Salvation Army (in Seville) and both agencies were able to help client get utility reconnected.

Matthew 25 assisted clients with Lodi electric disconnects. The clients needed assistance for several reasons:

3 – Were on fixed income

2 – Lost income due to decreased child support

3 -Lost income due to health issues and missing work (didn’t get paid for time off due to illness)

1 -Lost job 1

2 – Just started new job

1 – Had unexpected car repair expenses

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23 August, 2016 20:45

The Matthew 25 Coalition recently helped a veteran with a water bill. The veteran lived alone and had her own business, but the situation changed and she had to close the business. She is currently in the process of looking for another full time job. The assistance provided allowed her to keep her utility on for another month.

Together we are bridging needs in Jesus’ name.

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July Mission Moment


Review the latest Matthew 25 Coalition statistics here.

$1,000 Grant Received

The Medina County Women’s Endowment Fund, a permanent philanthropic endowment of Akron Community Foundation, announced its 2016 grant distributions Friday. Grants totaling $11,250 were awarded to seven qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations serving women and children in Medina County.

Medina County Women’s Fund awards awards the Matthew 25 Coalition, to provide emergency assistance to women and children in rural southwest Medina County with a $1,000 grant.

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Medina County Community Fund awards $25,750

The Medina County Community Fund of Akron Community Foundation recently awarded 11 grants totaling $25,750 to nonprofit organizations that improve the lives of Medina County residents. The grants were announced on Thursday, June 16, at the fund’s annual Spring into Summer event.

Since its inception in 1993, the Medina County Community Fund has awarded nearly 200 grants totaling $499,831 to organizations that serve residents of Medina County.

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No Paid Time Off

Even though funds were limited the Matthew 25 Coalition was able to assist a family of three with their utility bill and also a gas voucher The mother is employed but has to miss work because of some dental problems and was not paid for her time off. Matthew 25 worked in collaboration with the Good Samaritans to make sure the utility was paid.

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Can You Help?

We need your help. Utility requests are coming in and we don’t have the funds to cover the needs. We do have funds designated only for transportation needs thanks to a grant from the Medina Community Fund. Please help us bridge needs in Jesus’ name.

Please send your donations to Matthew 25 Coalition at PO Box 284, Lodi, OH 44245

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Matthew 25 Awarded Grant

The advisory board of the Medina County Community Fund has awarded the Matthew 25 Coalition with a  $4,000 grant to be used for transportation assistance. Transportation is often an overlooked poverty problem.

Access to just about everything associated with upward mobility and economic progress—jobs, quality food, and goods (at reasonable prices), healthcare, and schooling— relies on the ability to get around in an efficient way, and for an affordable price. When a person’s access to physical transportation is impaired – whether in cost or physical location – it makes the process of doing simple things such as getting to work on time much more difficult, if not impossible.

For the 15 to 30 families who get gas vouchers every month from the Matthew 25 Coalition

  • It is a hand up to access health care, a way to take a child to get fitted for his wheelchair and  a way to have a heart check up for a senior citizen
  • It is a way to get to work. Adults with some, but insufficient, access to transportation had the highest rates of unemployment and the lowest incomes according to a 2015 Harvard Study.
  • It is a connection to get to school and a way to improve the quality of life. It is literally a ride out of poverty.

Low- and moderate-income households spend 42% of their total annual income on transportation, while middle-income households spend less than 22%.

Through gifts made to the Medina county Community Fund, the Matthew 25 Coalition is providing gas vouchers, auto repairs, and more for transportation needs in Southwest Medina County because cars and auto fuel are literally the keys to living in Medina County.

Your continued support is very important. Shop and support Matthew 25 Coalition by shopping Tupperware at 40% of the proceeds go directly to Matthew 25 Coalition for transportation, utilities and other urgent needs in our community.

Our next meeting is September 8, 2016, 8:30 a.m. at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Lodi hosted by Pastor Chris Cahill.  Christ the King Lutheran Church is located at 8080 Lafayette Rd, Lodi, OH 44254.

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A minute with Matthew 25

Read our latest newsletter at

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Utility Paid for Family in Need

A Moment with Matthew 25

Utility Paid for Family in Need

A family of five in our community did not know how to keep their utility’s on this month. Both parents worked until one of the children was diagnosed with leukemia. The mother quit her job so she could care for and transport the child for cancer treatments while the father worked trying to meet basic needs. The Matthew 25 Coalition collaborated with other providers to pay the bill. Matthew 25 also made referrals to a food pantry and connected the family to other agencies for help. It is hard enough to keep up with the demands of cancer, now the family has the tools and knowledge to help them as they battle cancer and keep their family afloat. Thank you for giving to Matthew 25 and helping bridge needs in Jesus’ name.

Know someone who needs help? Call 330-948-3648 and leave a message. Messages are checked daily.

Want to make a donation?
Our mailing address is:
Matthew 25 Coalition
PO Box 284
Lodi, OH 44254

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