What is essential?

Gasoline is essential for people living in rural communities. That’s why we helped three families with auto fuel this month from Homerville and Lodi. Each family received vouchers to help them get to work and take children to medical appointments.

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Back on Track!

Back on track! Matthew 25 helped a family of 6 who heated with propane. The winter was so cold and lasted so long they had to order more propane than usual. Matthew 25 helped them pay a propane bill so they could get back on track paying other expenses.


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Family Needs Help

Matthew 25 helped a family in Chippewa Lake which included two adults and 3 children. The father was laid off and did not get unemployment. The mother had a part time job at a restaurant as a server. The family needed assistance in helping pay off a gas balance from the winter.
Matthew 25 helped them get on a payment plan to get the balance paid off.


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You Got This!

Matthew 25 helped a single mother in Seville with 3 children, one of which was diagnosed with leukemia. The mother had to quit her job to be able to take son for medical treatments. She needed assistance with her utility bill. Matthew 25 stepped in to help bridge the need for this family in need. You’ve got this because this community cares about you!


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Need a Ride?

A veteran in Lodi living on a fixed income needed a gas voucher so that he could go to medical appointments. Unexpected household expenses this month had left him short of funds.

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No Funds

Matthew 25 currently has no available funds for requests. If your church has a donation, please send it to Matthew 25 Coalition, PO Box 284, Lodi, OH 44254. Ann will continue to provide resources and referrals to anyone requesting assistance.
Our phone number is 330-948-3648 and our email is matthew25coalition.

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Matthew 25 helps families get to medical appointments.

Matthew 25 helped three families get to medical appointments by providing gas vouchers. All three families are on fixed incomes and had legitimate needs. Thank you to all of the churches and the Medina Community Fund who support the mission of bridging needs in Jesus’ name!

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