About the Matthew 25 Coalition

The Matthew 25 Coalition was founded in 2003 to provide participating churches a more efficient means of assisting area households with emergency needs such as rent, utilities, gasoline, medical supplies, and prescriptions. The Coalition also coordinates with and provides information about other local service providers.

The Matthew 25 Coalition is a group of churches providing emergency assistance within a 10‐mile radius in and around the Village of Lodi in Southwest Medina County. The coalition provides assistance when all other assistance from other county agencies has been used. Participants may be at risk of eviction; utility shut‐off, lack of transportation to work, school, or medical appointments, or may be at risk of going without necessary prescribed medications. The coalition also assists transient individuals with lodging and/or auto‐fuel. All requests are screened for legitimate needs and referred to 211 First Call for Help. Only requests that are unmet needs receive assistance.

According to the 211 referral hotline Medina County statistics, the Matthew 25 Coalition is one of the most frequently referred to organization in Medina County. The Matthew 25 Coalition assists individuals and families in emergency situations. The coalition serves every age group including individuals and families. The goal is to help families and individuals become self‐sufficient by connecting them to social services available in Medina County and by introducing them to 211 First Call for Help. Our contract (part‐time) intake specialist evaluates each situation, provides information and referral, and helps the participants to develop a plan that will meet their need. When there is a legitimate need, a voucher is issued to meet that need.

The Matthew 25 Coalition is a collaboration of over 20 local churches and Lodi Community Hospital. The churches are an integral part of the coalition by providing funding and leading fundraisers to benefit the Matthew 25 Coalition. Lodi Community Hospital provides a free phone line for our message center.

Matthew 25 Coalition, PO Box 284, Lodi, Ohio 44254
Contact our Phone Message Center at 330-948-3648

Click here for the Matthew 25 Coalition’s Code of Regulations

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