Matthew 25 Helps 20 Families in October

Here are some of the stories.

12 families needed assistance with utility bills

4 of the families were senior citizens on fixed incomes. Unexpected car expenses and higher than normal bills caused them to be short on their utility payments for the month.

Other clients included:

A single father with 2 children needing back surgery and having to pay out of pocket for tests needed prior to the surgery.

Another case was a single mother left paying a lot of bills when the boyfriend decided to leave the relationship. She had recently changed jobs within her company and not longer received overtime hours. The two situations had caused her to get behind on her bills needing assistance from Matthew


Other utility assistance was needed for a family who recently had a baby and the mother’s going back to work date was delayed causing them to face a disconnect for their electric.

We helped a family with car insurance payment so the man could ho back and forth to work. He had an addition problem and had voluntarily sought help, but had to pay out of packet for treatment charges. This time off was all unpaid from his employer.

There were 5 gas vouchers issued during the month:

One to a single mother of two children who needed the voucher to be able to go back and forth to work.

The remaining four vouchers were issued to individuals on fixed incomes who have medical issues and require many trips back and forth to doctors. One of these vouchers was for a veteran.

Would you like to help? Send your donation to Matthew 25 Coalition, PO Box 284, Lodi, OH 44254.

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Up-Coming Local Church Events:

Seville Presbyterian
• Community Thanksgiving Service at Seville UMC on 11/19 at 7pm with Reverend Marc van Bulck preaching.
First Congregational Church
• Cookie Walk December 9, 10am – 2pm
• Christmas Eve Service, 7pm
Lafayette UMC
• Community Thanksgiving Meal, November 18, 4-6pm
• Food Distribution: November 25, 10-12 and December 23, 10-12
• Cookie Walk – December 8, 5:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
• Christmas Eve Service, 7pm
Spencer UMC
• December 10, 3pm Blue Christmas and Cantata
Lodi UMC
• December 2, 9-1pm, Youth Mission Vendor Sale
• December 12, 7pm, Blue Christmas Service
• Christmas Eve Service, 7pm and 11pm
• Feed My Sheep, December 28, 5pm-7pm

For more information, contact the church associated with the event.

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Yard Sale is a Success!

The Matthew 25 Coalition Yard Sale was a success bringing in $1,600.00 thanks to the leadership, vision, and generosity of Vickie Fortney of Seville United Methodist Church.

Vickie said, "It was worth it."

True words. This yard sale is helping us complete our mission of bridging needs in Jesus’ name.

We were blessed with many volunteers. Thank you’s include:

Thank you Vivian (Vickie’s mother) for being our cashier both days
Victory Baptist and Christ the King for their donations of tables
Thanks to all the people who donated items for the sale
Thanks to all who helped with set-up and tear down – especially Pastor Joe and Mary on Saturday afternoon

Yard Sale proceeds are being used toward current urgent client needs.

Vickie is planning another yard sale in July or August using leftover items from this yard sale. We will send more information about volunteering and donating items soon.

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Yard Sale Fundraiser June 16 & 17

Treasures abound at this amazing yard sale benefiting the Matthew 25 Coalition. Funds will be used to help with utilities, rent, and auto fuel needs in Southwest Medina County and surrounding areas.

We are accepting donations for the yard sale at 118 Center Street in Seville Monday (6/12/17), Wednesday (6/14/17), and Thursday (6/15/17) from 4pm-8pm. Large items will be accepted Thursday evening (6/15/17) and Friday (6/16/17) morning. Thank you Vickie for sharing your home with us for the yard sale!

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June Success Stories

Assistance was slim due to limited funds, however God always provides and the Matthew 25 Coalition was able to help the following clients:

  1. Two Clients in Lodi area, both senior citizens on fixed incomes. Both had unexpected car repairs so Matthew 25 helped one client with a gas voucher and paid a utility bill for the second client.

  2. Matthew 25 helped a woman in danger of becoming homeless with a week of motel rent in Lodi. Client also on fixed income had used her money to move from out of state back to area to be with family. She had to rotate houses due to lease arrangements of other family members. She was able to get a room at Lodi Motel until her money was received at the beginning of June (and then she would be able to pay rent).

  3. Matthew 25 helped two clients with auto repairs. Client A just started a new job but one of her tires was bad, we were able to help her get another tire so she could go to work. Client B lives in Seville – she is on a fixed income but had unexpected home repairs that left her short when she needed repairs to her car. Matthew 25 helped her get struts for her car.

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Matthew 25 Helps Many During September 2016

We were able to assist two clients with help paying auto insurance.

Client #1 is on fixed income and had unexpected car repairs. Help was need to make sure Insurance was current as client had doctor’s appointments in preparation for future surgeries.

Client #2 had limited income and had let insurance lapse. Matthew 25 was able to help get insurance re-instated so she could take children to appointments. Father was incarcerated at time.

Matthew 25 also assisted a client again on fixed income. Client was in the hospital most of the summer. While she was recuperating in preparation to returning home, her electric was shut off.

Matthew 25 coordinated with Salvation Army (in Seville) and both agencies were able to help client get utility reconnected.

Matthew 25 assisted clients with Lodi electric disconnects. The clients needed assistance for several reasons:

3 – Were on fixed income

2 – Lost income due to decreased child support

3 -Lost income due to health issues and missing work (didn’t get paid for time off due to illness)

1 -Lost job 1

2 – Just started new job

1 – Had unexpected car repair expenses

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23 August, 2016 20:45

The Matthew 25 Coalition recently helped a veteran with a water bill. The veteran lived alone and had her own business, but the situation changed and she had to close the business. She is currently in the process of looking for another full time job. The assistance provided allowed her to keep her utility on for another month.

Together we are bridging needs in Jesus’ name.

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